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We Protect Your Rights in Airdrie, Lloydminster, and Okotoks

At EBAB Personal Injury Lawyer, we are dedicated to the rights of the injured. We never represent insurance companies, we never do any other type of law. Personal injury law is what we do and it shows in the outcome of the claims we have represented and the compensations we have obtained for our clients. For over thirty years, we have represented your friends and neighbors in Airdrie, Lloydminster, and Okotoks get the compensation they deserve after an injury.


Our personal injury experts are dedicated to you, the victim. Three decades of experience have taught us many things. One is that each client is an individual with different needs and differing circumstances. That is why we never take a one-representation-fits-all approach. You are an individual and you deserve individual attention. When you meet with one of our lawyers, you will get one-on-one attention.


Expert Advice is What We Offer

After an accident, you need advice. Consulting with a personal injury lawyer after your accident may be one of the most important steps you can take. When you call us, you get our vast wealth of knowledge when it comes to the legal rights of an accident victim. You also get the added benefit of our team of medical and professional experts. In this way, your healing is taken care of holistically. From your legal and financial welfare, to your physical welfare, our team of experts have it covered. While we are attending to your legal representation, our team of medical professionals will attend to your physical healing. In this way, we offer the most comprehensive representation you will find.

At EBAB Personal Injury Lawyer, we are committed to your rights as the victim of:

  Motor vehicle accidents
  Motorcycle accidents
  Public transit accidents
  Slip and fall accidents

  Pedestrian accidents
  Product liability
  Orthopaedic injury

  Dog bites
  Traumatic brain injury
  Spinal cord injury

Millions of Dollars in Compensation For Our Clients

During our expansive careers, we have been able to obtain millions of dollars in settlements for our clients. If an adequate settlement cannot be obtained, our experience in court has allowed us to obtain consistent rewards on behalf of our clients.

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Having an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side can make a difference when you are the victim of an accident. With our professional attention to your financial and physical well-being after an injury due to an accident, let us be your choice when looking for the most qualified personal injury lawyer in Airdrie, Lloydminster, and Okotoks. Let our dedicated team of lawyers protect your rights. If you have been injured in an accident, call us today for a no cost consultation. We can help.