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Why Do Accident Lawyers Make A Big Deal Out of Dooring?

The word dooring has joined the list of words that need to be part of a personal injury lawyer’s vocabulary. It is the name given to a type of action, one that might be used by a motorist. When motorists open a vehicle’s door without paying attention to oncoming traffic, especially oncoming cyclists, then those same motorists have carried out the activity known as dooring.

In what ways does dooring share some of the characteristics that have been linked to a traumatic brain injury?

Both of those terms relate in some way to injuries. Both those injuries that have been caused by careless door openers, and those associated with traumatic brain disorders can disrupt the life of a younger person. Many young people ride bikes. By the same token, a large block of young people spend at least some of their free time taking part in various sports activities.

If a cyclist gets hit by a door, that same bike rider could suffer a head injury; maybe even one that traumatizes the brain. Still, cycling is more than a simple recreational activity. Competitive cyclists engage in a risky sport, one that can be responsible for injuries that aid development of a traumatic brain disorder.

Lawyers have found that both accidents caused by dooring and those that might produce a traumatic brain injury have hidden results. In the case of dooring, the nature of the person at-fault remains hard-to-determine. In cases that involve a traumatic brain injury, the injury’s tell-tale symptoms may remain hidden or at least unnoticed for quite some time. There are times when trauma to the head (brain) acts like a fatal blow in a fight; it kills the victim. There are also times when dooring can prove fatal. A door opens in the path of a fast-moving cyclist, forcing that same rider to perform a quick action, and perhaps lose his or her balance.

Dooring is an incident, one that often involves a child, teenager or young adult. Youth may seem to be on the side of the type of person that is apt to suffer a traumatic brain injury. Still, in both cases, an innocent youth might assume that a given injury is sure to heal, and the youth’s parents may agree with their child’s assessment of what degree of harm has been inflicted on the hit or traumatized body.

What new challenges does a dooring-caused accident hand to lawyers?

Personal injury lawyers in Lloydminster find it hard to determine exactly who should be declared at-fault, when a motorist has hit a cyclist with the door of a vehicle. Moreover, a cyclist that has had a door moved into his or her face might suffer a traumatic brain injury. Hence, the victim’s attorney has to search for proof of the motorist’s negligence, while seeking a way to diagnose the exact nature of the client’s medical condition.