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Actions To Take If You Get Injured In A Hit And Run Accident

Alberta’s Motor Vehicle Claim Fund has removed some of the headaches previously endured by pedestrians that had become the victims of a hit-and-run driver. The fund pays up to $200,00 for injuries, when the injured victim takes the proper actions.

Actions expected of the injured pedestrian

Make a reasonable effort to identify the driver and then notify the Fund about accident within 90 days of its occurrence. Those pedestrians that have secured additional coverage through an automobile insurer can benefit from the existence of yet another source of funds. If injured, each of those same pedestrians can have a claim, one permitted by the terms of their policy. The value of such a claim can increase, if the policy holder/claimant carries out certain additional actions

Actions of pedestrian that should work to increase the value of a claim

• Try to get a description of the responsible vehicle. This usually entails talking to witnesses. Be sure to obtain the contact information from any witnesses.
• Take photographs of the scene and pictures of any injuries.
• Call 911 and ask for the police to come to the scene.
• As soon as possible, seek someone that can examine your injuries.

Make notes, and include in them all the relevant information. A listing of such information would be incomplete without details on the date, the time of day, the location, the direction that the responsible driver was heading, the driver’s speed, the weather, the road conditions, the presence of any traffic control device and the presence of any obstruction.

• Report the incident to your insurance company with the help of injury lawyer in Lloydminster.
• Check for the presence of surveillance cameras in the area.
• Save any personal items that have been damaged. Make note of any that have been lost.
• Save any receipts, after paying for treatment of injuries. The collected receipts can be used as proof of the victim’s attempt to mitigate his or her injuries.

Why the pedestrian’s notes can prove to be of great importance

Nature forces pedestrians to face certain challenges, when crossing the street. During the winter, the number of daylight hours gets reduced considerably. During a large part of the year, the sun is low in the sky at the hour when workers rush home.

Those factors could impede a motorist’s ability to see someone walking across the street. Mention of the time of day when a hit-and-run incident took place might be used to guarantee a fair assessment of the situation.

On the other hand, a victim’s reluctance to seek out the responsible driver might lead to suspicions, regarding the pedestrian’s behavior. Pedestrians should not expect to win a sizeable amount of money, if the collected evidence shows that the walker tried to text, while crossing the street.