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Alberta’s Assistance For Victims of Hit-And-Run Driver

Alberta has established a special fund, which has been designed to help victims of a hit-and-run driver. It is called the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund. The Fund’s money gets used to cover the damages suffered by the victim of a hit-and-run accident and the victim of an uninsured driver.

Details on the compensation obtained with the Fund’s money

Victims can be compensated for injuries, but not for property damage.There is a limit of $200,000.00 on each vehicle that was involved in a particular collision. If the vehicle contained several passengers, they must share the money awarded by the court. The victim must use an established process, when going after the available compensation. A personal injury lawyer in Airdrie and Lloydminster can help a victim that lacks familiarity with the government-directed process. Here are some steps to be followed by an accident victim, assuming that identity of other driver not known, or other driver not insured

• Prove the extent of any sustained injury
• Prove that the same injuries were caused by an accident
• Prove that the victim resides in Alberta
• Prove that the accident occurred in Alberta (details on the location should serve as proof)
• Prove that the collision was totally the fault of the unknown or uninsured driver.

In other words, prove that a legal team could not produce evidence that the plaintiff committed an act of contributory negligence. If a third party is partially responsible, carry out the actions demanded as per law. The victim must bring a lawsuit against all who could have a claim. For example, did some pedestrian get hurt, because plaintiff’s reaction to actions of unknown/ uninsured driver forced the same plaintiff to swerve out of one lane of traffic? Had that pedestrian failed to use a cross-walk? If both questions can be answered with a “yes,” the plaintiff could file a lawsuit against the pedestrian’s claim.

Do police have video of the driver’s car? Was that same car involved in a robbery, one that took place earlier at a place of business.? If that is the case, the business owner could be seeking compensation for the stolen money, which was in the vehicle driven by the unknown or uninsured driver. Hence, that same business owner could be sued for any awarded money.

Those are two examples of situations that could give rise to a claim against the recklessly negligent driver. In both situations, a third party had played some role in the collision between the plaintiff and the unknown or uninsured driver. Consequently, that 3rd party had a sound reason for filing a personal injury claim. At the same time, the funds obtained from such a claim could be sought by whomever had collided with the unknown/uninsured driver.