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Benefits Provided To Residents of Alberta Regardless of Who Has Caused Car Accident

No one likes to be involved in a car accident. Even if you can walk away without an injury, you are bound to face the prospect of fixing any damage to your vehicle. Residents of Alberta enjoy freedom from some of the collision-associated worries. The Province guarantees delivery of certain benefits, regardless of who might have been at-fault.

A simple term gets used for the accessible help that is given to Alberta’s drivers. It goes by this name: Section B Benefits. That term refers to the availability of coverage for specific expenses, those that arise following an automobile collision. The Province grants such coverage to any Alberta resident that gets involved in a car accident.

Details on the covered expenses

The reimbursement for loss of income is 70% of gross income, or a maximum of $400 per week. The payment of expenses for treatment of minor injuries, following submission of evidence that injured victim received the prescribed treatments. The total value of such payments cannot exceed $50,000.00.

The $50,000.00 must cover certain other expenses as well: Caregiver benefits, housekeeping benefits and, when necessary, reimbursement of money spent on death of a severely injured victim, and a funeral for that deceased individual.

There is a process to be used for claiming any benefit that covers expenses related to a minor injury. Start by consulting with a personal injury lawyer in Okotoks, so that you have some legal guidance, as you negotiate this exacting process.Then notify your insurance company and get the claim application forms. The Province provides the private insurers with those particular forms. Study the issued forms and consult with your injury lawyer. Be certain that you know the deadline for submission of each form.

Get a copy of any completed form, before sending the original to your insurance company. One form must be completed by your treating physician. Keep in contact with that member of the medical profession, so that the doctor’s time does not get wasted. If necessary, offer to help the doctor to meet the indicated deadline. If you follow that process, you should get compensated for any minor injuries.

How do victims get compensated for a major impairment?

The expenses created by treatment of a victim’s major impairment can be handled in one of 3 different ways. Money for that expense can be secured by using a private insurance, such as health insurance, by submitting the appropriate form to the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund, or by filing a personal injury lawsuit against the person responsible for the collision.

Any of those optional sources could invite challenges. Victims that hope to meet and beat such challenges need a lawyer. That fact highlights the reason that it helps to hire an injury lawyer as early in the process as possible.