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Ways To Prove Wrongful Death

The truth is that wrongful death is amongst the worst cases of personal injury law out there. With this said, though, if the death of a person is caused by the negligent behavior or actions of another party, the surviving family members, as specified by the Fatal Accidents Act of Alberta, are capable of bringing forth a civil lawsuit. …

Who Is Liable For Damages In A Car Accident While You Are Driving For Work?

Unfortunately, car accidents can take place at any given moment, regardless of time and place. This is most definitely something that you have to take into very serious consideration. Determining the liability for them, however, is commonly complicated by a range of different factors, one of them being the fact that someone has been driving for work or he or she has operated a company vehicle. There are different things that you would have to consider in situations of the kind and you’d also have to answer a few different questions, which include:…

Quick Guide To Catastrophic Injuries After An Accident

You should be aware that there are injuries which are classified as catastrophic. These are particularly challenging damages that you’d have to go through and they would usually have an impact on the rest of your life. This is definitely something to account for. These damages are going to require months of recovery time and a lot of money, rehabilitation or even lifetime at-home care for you to get by. …