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A Close Look At Truck Accident Lawsuits

A lawyer that has chosen to specialize in truck accidents would express no interest in a case that involved an SUV and a pickup. Neither of those vehicles would qualify as a commercial truck. Those are the only trucks that raise concerns in the mind of a truck accident lawyer.

Who would such a lawyer expect to blame for a truck accident?

A police report would offer clues, regarding who should be blamed. In addition, some trucks have a dash cam mounted on their dash board. The camera’s footage might provide clues, with respect to who might be found at-fault.

A truck lawyer would want to know who had supplied the trucks used by a company that transported various products. Frequently, a trucking company supplies a trucker with the necessary commercial vehicles. In that case, the trucking company becomes responsible for hiring and training the drivers. Consequently, a trucking company might be blamed for a given, truck-related accident.

Suppose, for example, that such a company had failed to offer drivers the chance to take part in a complete training program. That would provide an attorney with grounds for making the trucking company responsible for a given on-road accident.

A personal injury lawyer in Lloydminster would never suspect that a trucking company has told its drivers to consume alcohol or drugs before steering a truck down the road. its drivers to get behind the steering wheel after consuming alcohol or using drugs. Still, that fact does not remove the chance for delayed provision of a dog’s water dish. That delayed action could be pointed to as proof of an attitude that provided signs of a company’s negligent behavior.

The blame for a truck accident does not always fall on a person. It might get linked to some other factor.

For example, a blown-out tire has been linked to the scene of at least one truck accident. A tire-related accident pushes an attorney to learn who inspected the poor-performing tire. Furthermore, the same attorney would want to know who sold the product that blew out on the highway?

Questions similar to the ones asked about tires might get re-stated, if a truck’s engine failed during the course of a trip. Had someone arranged for an inspection of that same engine? If so, what did that inspection reveal? If it uncovered the existence of a defective part, what arrangements were made for the needed repairs?

Data from research studies indicate that driver fatigue appears to have contributed to the occurrence of numerous truck accidents. That data suggests that trucking companies are asking their drivers to put-in an extra-long day. The added amount of time sitting behind the steering wheel causes those drivers to become fatigued.