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Following Legalization of Cannabis Road-Related Problems Anticipated

Once enacted, a law that would legalize use of cannabis would also prohibit use of that same substance inside of a motor vehicle. Moreover, that same law would have other provisions, which would be aimed at regulating the ways that drivers could use cannabis.

One provision would state a zero tolerance for a specific type of cannabis-user

That would be a cannabis-user that holds a Graduated Driver’s License. The expected provision would increase the length of the sentence for anyone with such a license that has chosen to drive, after using both cannabis and alcohol.

Another provision would insist that those retailers that had chosen to sell cannabis could not sell alcoholic beverages as well.

Alberta authorities that have expressed concern about the way that legalization of marijuana could affect driving do not want to encourage a combined use of alcohol and marijuana. Obviously, if the government agreed to allow retailers to offer both types of products in the same establishment, the government’s policy would encourage the very action that those focused on traffic safety issues do not want drivers to undertake.

A focus on enforcement tools

A third provision would call for plans to conduct more research on the adequacy of enforcement tools. At the same time, it would seek to ensure the distribution of adequate resources to those groups that could help with the training of enforcers.

Direct resources towards public education

Such a step can prove most effective, if it makes available to educators any film that can showcase the possible outcome, if some driver has ignored the rule that forbids the combined utilization of both cannabis and alcohol. Smart educators understand when and where to have such a film run, while the audience contains lots of young people, some of whom dream about sitting behind the steering wheel of a motor vehicle.

Similar films about drinking and driving have been used in the past. Often the audience included those teenagers that would soon become the holders of one of the government-issued learner’s permits. Such a teenager feels eager to graduate out of the status that has been handed to a beginning driver. No teenager wants to remain stuck in that same status.

Hence, each of those young people feel pushed to undertake those behaviors that match with the actions of drivers in a higher status. Their list of behaviors seldom includes that of drinking and driving, or of using cannabis in combination with alcohol, while steering a car down the road. Since such a behavior does not aid completion of the steps that can raise a beginning driver’s status, such behavior gets removed from a list of the teen’s contemplated actions. Most of the drug-induced or alcohol fueled vehicle accidents lead to serious injuries to the other vehicle passengers and the drivers. That is why if anyone has been in such an accident, they need to call in the personal injury lawyer in Lloydminster.