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A General Overview of Alberta’s Section B Benefits

Alberta’s insurance companies must adhere to a most unique law. It concerns their readiness to provide their customers with Section B benefits.

What are section B benefits?

That is the name given to a monetary award that gets handed to those that were injured in an auto accident in Alberta. It can also get awarded to those that have loved ones that were injured in such a collision. That added provision seeks to cover those that must care for a severely injured loved one, someone that might be unable to recover from his or her injuries.

What does the law say about the availability of section B benefits?

According to the law, a provision concerning such benefits must be included in every auto insurance policy that gets sold by one of Alberta’s insurance companies.

How does a determination of the driver at fault affect the awarding of such a benefit?

That benefit becomes available to any injured, car accident victim, regardless of who has been named as the driver at-fault. If any assistance is needed while filing a claim, call on the personal injury lawyer in Okotoks.

What do the terms in the policy say about passengers?

Just like the driver, any passenger would be covered by the terms of the policy written in Alberta. Such a policy would cover the injuries to a car’s passengers, as well as the driver. The family of that injured passenger might need a lawyer’s help, in order to seek some form or compensation.

Suppose an Alberta resident gets involved in a collision outside of Alberta. What happens then?

If the same driver hired a good lawyer, he or she would have sound reason for expecting to obtain the money that goes to all that deserve the Section B benefits. That assumes, of course, that the same driver has been wise enough to purchase car insurance.

Others who could take advantage of the benefits’ availability, if they hired a good lawyer

A bus rider that had been in a bus when it collided with another vehicle could use a lawyer’s help to go after what has been promised to each of Alberta’s injured car accident victims. A driver that got involved in an accident with an uninsured driver would not have to forego the satisfaction of being awarded for his or her injuries. Admittedly though, the same driver would probably have a stronger case, if he or she hired a personal injury lawyer in Lloydminster.

Is there any limit on the size of the benefit?

Yes, Canada’s Supreme Court has put a cap on the amount that can be awarded for a victim’s pain and suffering. Lawyers seldom mention that aspect of the benefits’ availability and other features. After all, any mention of that aspect diminishes the significance of the lawyers’ role.