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Issues of Concern During A Personal Injury Lawsuit In Alberta

Some members of the public might think that any resident of Alberta that has become involved in a personal injury lawsuit has good reason to ask this question: When will the trial start? Yet a lawsuit does not need to lead to the holding of a trial. In fact, few such lawsuits ever lead to a trial in one of Alberta’s courtrooms.

Information that lawyers in Alberta should share with clients that have filed a personal injury lawsuit.

More than one person or business/organization might be held responsible for a client’s injuries. Clients benefit from a lawyer’s willingness to discuss the range of adults that might be held accountable for a given injury. The client can pick one person from the range of possible defendants, and work on countering that one person’s arguments.

Did the defendant’s actions cause the injury sustained by the plaintiff? If that is the case, when did the plaintiff first become aware of the link between that causative agent and the development of the resulting injury? The initiation of a lawsuit should follow discovery of the injury’s cause by no more than 2 years.

The time period for initiating a lawsuit is called the limitation period. The length of a limitation period can reflect the cause for the victim’s injury. Sometimes the length of a period can be extended. It si good to talk with your personal injury lawyer in Airdrie to know more about it.

How did the victim’s/plaintiff’s injury affect his or her life?

That is the focus of a question that the judge is sure to ask, if a personal injury case goes to trial. The answer to that question will affect the size of any compensation package that gets awarded to the injured plaintiff. The judge will want to hear how the plaintiff’s injury affects him or her mentally, physically and emotionally.

This is one of the few times when the issue of emotions can get raised in courtroom. Indeed, mention of emotions should not be used to sway the jury’s or judge’s opinion. Still, the influence of information on the plaintiff’s emotions plays a major role in any decision, regarding the size of award for that victorious plaintiff.

Why is the effect of the injury so important?

The extent of an injury determines the price of any treatment. The length of a patient’s recovery from an injury can demonstrate that injury’s severity. It can delay the time for an employee’s return to work.

Finally, the existence of an ongoing injury can be used to point out the challenges to any future effort by the plaintiff to find a paying job. Consequently, a lawyer has been provided with sufficient reason for asking that a client/plaintiff be compensated for the loss of that specific client’s future earning potential.