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Are Some Lawyers Experts On Underside Accidents?

It may seem strange for any lawyer to advertise his or her expertise in a specific type of accident. Yet the victim of an underside accident frequently needs a good injury lawyer in Airdrie. That victim has survived a crash that does far more damage than a simple fender-bender.

What are underside accidents?

Those are incidents that can create long stretches of snarled traffic on a highway. Such incidents seldom take place on a road. During an underside accident, a small car collides with a big truck. As a result of that collision, a small automobile might slide under the large truck’s trailer.

What chain of events might precede the creation of such a terrible incident?

It could be a rear end collision, where the truck’s trailer has the ability to catch and drag the involved auto. Alternately, a car might drift towards and then collide with a truck’s trailer. As a result of that collision, the force created by the impact could push the auto underneath the trailer.

Why do the victims that survive such accidents find it necessary to seek legal assistance?

The victims’ injuries tend to be rather be quite serious. In fact, some of those victims suffer a catastrophic injury. Due to the extent of the harm done to their bodies, each victim needs to obtain a fair compensation. That compensation should provide them with money to cover the cost of hospital bills, medical expenses, car repairs, and other losses, such as the loss of a salary.

Who might be held responsible for covering the cost of all those damages?

It would depend on who owned the truck. If it had been owned by the driver, then the task of covering those costs would become the driver’s responsibility. On the other hand, if the driver had been hired by a trucking company, then the court could ask that company to compensate the victim for his or her losses. In fact, the money for the payment would come from the company that had agreed to insure the big rig.

What sorts of acts of negligence might get linked to the type of accident that can pull cars under a truck’s trailer?

If the driver had been fatigued, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, disobeying a traffic signal, demonstrating reckless behavior, or had failed to release an emergency flair, after stopping by the side of the road, then those examples of negligence could have triggered creation of the terrible accident. Alternatively, if a trucking company had failed to provide its hired drivers with a suitable level of training, then that failure would serve as another example of careless and neglectful behavior.

Trucking companies can also get held responsible for other negligent acts. For instance, such a company might pressure drivers to stay on the road for a long stretch of time. By the same token, a trucking company might choose to dispense with the need to have a truck inspected, before someone sits behind the steering wheel and takes that vehicle out on the road. Any of those actions would qualify as an act of negligence.

Each of those horrific accidents demonstrates the amount of harm that can result from one person’s negligence. That simple observation manages to highlight the victims’ need for the services of a lawyer.