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Newly Implemented Obligatory Training of All Commercial Drivers

After the horrifying tragedy that involved the crashing of the Humboldt Broncos’ semi-trailer truck and coach bus, changes needed to be made to prevent similar accidents from occurring in the future. So, in the wake of this tragedy, the Government of Alberta chose to implement an obligatory training for all new commercial drivers, in addition to newly set and stricter safety requirements which will affect all new drivers and the companies they work for.

Structure of This New Obligatory Training

All drivers who wish to obtain a Class 1 license, which will allow them to operate semi-tractor trailers, or a Class 2 license, which will allow them to operate commercial buses, will from now on be required to undergo a standardized curriculum. This curriculum will come with new training hours, stricter road tests, and additional knowledge. These classes will be offered at all regular driving schools in the province.

From March of 2019 onward, all drivers who want to operate a vehicle for which a Class 1 or 2 license is needed, will then need to undertake an obligatory entry level training course. This course will consist of theoretical and practical training, taught in class, in the yard, and in the vehicle itself. The obligatory minimum training will consist of 125 hours in addition to an air-brake test.

For additional safety, anyone who has operated a Class 1 or 2 license during the time frame between the 10th of October, 2018 and the 1st of March, 2019, will be obligated to undergo the same newly implemented and more in-depth knowledge and road test as the new drivers. These tests will be free of charge for this group of drivers. All the examiners and instructors who will supervise these tests will be employed by the government, and they will have undergone special training and testing in order to ensure that they can successfully teach the new curriculum to the new generation of Class 1 and 2 vehicle operators.

Understanding The Updated Requirements For Commercial Carriers

As of now, the streets of Alberta are frequented by over 25,000 commercial carriers which are operated by over 150,000 vehicles, and in order to better regulate such traffic, new requirements have been set in place. As a result, a detailed list of obligatory certificate renewals will be scheduled, safety courses will need to be taken, and inspections have been undertaken on all carriers in January 2019.

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