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Do Personal Injury Lawyers In Alberta Recognize Challenges Faced By Their Clients?

Alberta’s pedestrian accident lawyers appreciate the nature of the various obstacles that any one on foot must face, when going from one spot to the next in that Canadian City. Still, no injury lawyer in Okotoks wants a client to fall victim to the same accident a second time. For that reason, any of Alberta’s walking residents that seek legal help can expect to get discover a dependable source of helpful advice.

Obstacles that pose challenge to pedestrians in Alberta

• The cross-walks are hard to locate.
• During a large part of the year, the sun hangs low in the sky during the hour of the day when workers are rushing home.
• Throughout the winter months, the period of daylight hours has been greatly reduced.

Suggestions for those pedestrians that hope to limit their chances of getting hit by a motorist

There are many traffic rules and ways to stay safe and avoid an accident. Look both ways before crossing the street. If you plan to cross at a section where the road has multiple lanes, be sure that all the traffic has stopped.

Do not text or talk on the phone while crossing the street and don’t even try listening to music. It is good to wear bright clothing and wear sturdy shoes and pay attention to where you put your feet.

At night, anyone on foot will have trouble seeing what is on the path ahead. For that reason, a smart pedestrian should carry a flashlight or a similar device, if he or she must do much walking after the sun goes down.

Make sure that an adult is accompanying any small child. If child is on a tricycle, take the time to tie a colorful flag onto the handlebars.

Try to find and use the crosswalk. It is best to try to make eye contact with the driver at an intersection and use caution when approaching a driveway.

Watch for drivers making turns. Check to see if anyone is turning towards the traffic light at the corner where you intend to cross. That could involve making a right turn from the near lane, or a left turn from a lane on the far side of the road.

Never run into the street and assume that drivers will stop.

Obey the traffic signals. Do not step out into the street until that signal makes it obvious that a walker should have a clear path. A driver in a terrible hurry could attempt to speed through a red light.

Pay attention to the length of your shadow. It could indicate that the sun is low in the sky behind you. That would mean that it might be shining in the face of a driver that intends to turn onto the road that you expect to cross.