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Product Liability Lawyer in Airdrie, Lloydminster, and Okotoks

Each year, the public is exposed to more goods produced outside the country. With less oversight, countless people fall victim to injury or fatality due to dangerous or hazardous products. At EBAB Personal Injury Lawyer, we have represented product liability claims throughout our three decades of business in Airdrie, Lloydminster, and Okotoks. If you have sustained injuries due to a dangerous or hazardous product, call our team of legal experts.

As we quickly become global in our markets, we are continually being exposed to imports from other countries. These often aren’t subjected to the same safety standards as we require here in Canada. These can run a range from negligent design, manufacturing practices, or even a breach of the duty to warn the public of a dangerous product. The manufacturer, or any other entity along the production line, is responsible for making sure that the product you have purchased is safe.


This can include:

  Children’s toys
  Infant and children’s products
  Home products

  Food and beverages
  Automobiles, recreational vehicles, and boats
  Recreational and sporting equipment
  Tools and equipment

  Heavy machinery
  Medical equipment
  Tobacco products

Products that are dangerous or hazardous may have flaws in multiple areas of production. The design, labeling, manufacturing, or packaging can be the danger. Then, once a danger is determined, it is the responsibility of the company to warn the public of that danger. Product liability can consequently be complex in determining who, exactly, is at fault, or if several points in the design, production line, packaging, or marketing are at fault.

If you have been injured by a product, there are some things you should do.

  Keep the product and its packaging in its most original state possible
  Take photographs to chronicle your injuries
  Keep receipts and warranties

After an injury due to a dangerous or defective product, your next best decision should be to contact a product liability lawyer.

At EBAB Personal Injury Lawyer, we have three decades of experience representing our clients’ claims against defective and dangerous products. We have the ability to pursue the appropriate parties when it comes to liability of a defective product and win compensation for the losses due to injury from these products. We have also represented class action suits for our clients when the are multiple claimants. If you have been injured by a defective or dangerous product, call our office for a no cost consultation. At EBAB Personal Injury Lawyer, we only represent the rights of the victim, never large corporation or insurance companies. Call us to see how we can help.