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Rules On Reporting An Accident In Alberta

No accident should become the object of a cover-up operation. Accidents ought to be reported. Alberta has certain rules, regarding the reporting of an accidental occurrence, one that has taken place on a street or a highway.

How to file a report about a collision?

It becomes important to submit file to the Collision Reporting Center. Do so within 24 hours of the reported incident. Additionally, submission of such a file mandatory, if value of damaged property exceeds $2,000 (Canadian dollars).

Other situations where the law requires submission of a report:

• When a government vehicle has been involved in the collision.
• When property other than the involved vehicles has been damaged.
• When a pedestrian was somehow involved in the collision.
• When someone at the accident scene has been injured.
• When someone involved in the accident has committed a criminal offense.
• When one of the drivers was not insured.
• When one of the drivers sitting behind the steering wheel had come under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Follow-up on the report filed at the Collision Reporting Center by reporting the accident to your insurance company.

Do not let the insurer learn about the accident from someone other than the driver that should have reported it.

A driver does not know how expensive a vehicle’s sustained damage might be. By the same token, a driver does not know how extensive a given injury could prove to be. It might invite the development of complications.

An insurer does not like the sudden enhancement of an existing claim. It likes to see in a submitted report some evidence that a policy holder had sought to mitigate the development of any possible complications.

An insurer does not want any policy holder to assume that the driver or passenger in a hit vehicle was someone in excellent health and someone that did not have a pre-existing condition. The presence of such factors can increase the chances for bad consequences, all because 2 or more vehicles have collided.

How an insurer might seek to minimize those bad consequences:

A representative from the insurance company might suggest that the plaintiff, a driver with a pre-existing condition should have been wearing a special type of safety device.

The plaintiff must hope that the hired injury lawyer in Lloydminster, and Okotoks has located a medical expert, so that a charge from the defense can be checked. Does it match with information in medical journals?

Understand that the plaintiff’s attorney might argue that it makes no sense to take the case to court. Then the plaintiff’s efforts, regarding the reporting of an accident could prove of limited value. Still, that does not mean that a driver should use that possibility as a reason for letting a collision go unreported.