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Understanding Section B of Your Alberta Auto Insurance Policy

In Alberta, whenever you’re involved in a motor vehicle accident, you are usually entitled to the disability and medical benefits covered in Section B of your vehicle insurance policy, even if you’re the at-fault driver. An experienced personal injury lawyer in Lloydminster will monitor these benefits in order to ensure that the client is being treated fairly by their insurance company. Additionally, they understand how the legal system works and can provide professional guidance accordingly.

The General Rule of Thumb regarding Section B Benefits

Generally speaking, the maximum benefits under Section B is $50,000 and they last 2 years maximum. However, in the majority of accident and personal injury cases, that sum is not accessible. Plus, it is secondary insurance. In other words, an individual who sustains a work injury must access his or her work insurance before they can receive their Section B benefits. Furthermore, there are benefits that apply to:

• Disability benefits – if you’re totally disabled and unable to work because you were injured in a motor vehicle accident, your insurer is obligated to pay you 80% of your wage up to $400 weekly. Any shortfall must be collected from the at-fault driver.

• Fatalities – whenever a motor vehicle accident involves a fatality, Section B provides up to a maximum of $5,000 in death and funeral benefits.

• Other benefits – if the Diagnostic and Treatment Protocols Regulation (DTPR) doesn’t apply, occupational or psychological therapy services of up to $600 are payable also. There may be dental treatment benefits available as well.

So, who is eligible for these benefits? Basically, any motorist or their passengers as well as pedestrians who sustain injuries in a motor vehicle accident are eligible for Section B benefits. Even if you only carry “one-way” insurance, Section B coverage is mandatory on all auto insurance policies.

Rely on an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

Section B benefits are linked to any personal injury or tort claim filed against an at-fault driver or defendant in a legal action. Although insurance companies will refer you to a doctor or healthcare provider, these individuals will usually provide biased, unfavorable opinions regarding the need to discontinue Section B disability benefits or any future treatment and their medications.

In many cases, an insurer will cut off the injured person’s benefits in order to protect their company’s bottom line and not the best interests of the insured. Having an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side will prevent this from happening to you and ensure that your rights to fair and reasonable compensation are protected.