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Is Vision Zero Plan For Pedestrian Safety Effective?

More and more pedestrians are becoming victims of accidents with more of the accidents resulting in death. While this number is up, it is really not all that surprising. There are precautions that can be taken in order to ensure the safety of those who do not have to die in a needless accident.

The Vision Zero is a safety plan that will make it safer for bikers as well as pedestrians to walk up and down the streets without worrying about becoming victims of drivers who may not be watching where they are going. Some of the most important tasks to accomplish will include:

• Road safety audits for areas deemed high risk collision
• Senior safety zones
• Lowering speed limits in certain areas
• Allow more time for pedestrians to cross at signal lights
• Installing cameras on traffic lights

These tasks will most likely make a difference, although it shouldn’t be up to just one person to accomplish all of this. It takes a community working together in order to make things happen.

Ways to take your safety as a pedestrian into your own hands

While the Vision Zero plan is implemented, it is still going to take someone carrying out these safety tips which can be done. Here are a few tips and hints to make your next walk a safe one:

• Don’t jaywalk. Instead, walk the tiny extra foot or two to the signal light or stop sign in order to cross safely when traffic has stopped. This area is known for people to cross so drivers know to look. They don’t expect to see someone crossing the road anywhere else.
• Even if you do have a green light or the sign says for you to walk, you should still look before you cross. A driver may be too distracted to notice the sign.
• When crossing at the designated cross area, you should watch for driveways as well as lane ways. When a vehicle wants to pull in or back out, they may not be watching for you to cross and continue to operate as they normally would and not see you until it is too late.
• Don’t walk around with earphones in. While it is nice to listen to your music, it is not always safe because you cannot hear a horn blow or people yelling at you to get out of the way. Headphones are a form of distraction and can result in injury.
• If there are no sidewalks where you are walking, be sure to walk facing traffic. This will give you the advantage of seeing the traffic as its coming to you and not from behind you.

What if you are hit by a car, as a pedestrian?

If you are hit by a motor vehicle, your situation is handled just as any other vehicle accident would be. Your auto insurance as well as the other individual’s vehicle will be considered for payment to your injuries.Accident benefits can include:

• Car benefits for after accident care
• Rehabilitation/medical expenses
• Income replacement benefits

The steps you need to take if you are involved in an accident as a pedestrian:

• First you need to file a report while you are still on scene and everything is fresh in your mind.
• Go to the doctor either by ambulance or by personally going
• See your doctor whenever you are asked to. Follow up doctor visits are vital for your health and for insurance payment purposes
• Contact your insurance company or the driver’s insurance company about your injuries and to find out what they need from you moving forward.

Additionally, contact a personal Injury Lawyer in Okotoks to represent you throughout this case after your accident. This will allow you time to heal and concentrate on what really matters to you the most.