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What Did You Do When the Accident Was Your Fault?

Your lawyer will tell you that car accidents happen all of the time largely because of the tenets of Murphy’s Law. You can therefore be involved in a car accident where you were the party at fault. The lawyer will tell you that while you should never admit fault, you should familiarize yourself with your own car insurance coverage.

Your personal injury lawyer in Lloydminster will tell you that you have to accept the fact that the car accident you were just in was your fault. He or she will also tell you that you need to be mindful of certain facts and details as you proceed with the personal injury claim or case that the other party will file against you.

Have a filter

Do you remember that line in the Miranda readings which says, “what you say can and will be used against you?” Well, the lawyer will tell you that the same applies in this situation. You should NEVER admit your fault at the accident scene. Of course, don’t lie either. Doing that will backfire on you. Remember to be polite, courteous, maintain eye contact and exchange the necessary information. Also, be sure to be very cooperative with any law enforcement or EMT personnel.

The other driver will be forced to rely on his or her own car insurance company for payments for bodily injuries and property damage he or she may have incurred before he or she can press a claim against your insurance company. You can still be sued because the accident may have been serious and the other driver may have sustained substantial bodily injuries and property damage. His or her insurance policy may not have high enough limits to cover all of these.

What happens if you have enough insurance coverage?

In this instance, you need not worry because your insurance will take care of all aspects of the personal injury claim or case that the other driver may have filed against you. Of course, you can count on your premiums increasing. This may be by a huge amount if the car accident was bad enough.

What if you don’t have car insurance?

Well, you’re violating state law in this case. The other driver can sue you personally for any bodily injuries or property damage he or she may have sustained. You will be paying them out of your personal assets. Get ready for many harassing phone calls from collectors and the defendant’s personal injury lawyer, if you have nothing financially speaking.As is evident from the evidence discussed in this article, there is hope if you were at fault. This is especially true if you have hired a good lawyer.