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What Role Does Insurance Play When A Personal Injury Claim Is Being Settled?

This article will discuss the role that insurance plays in settling a personal injury case. It will also explain how it (insurance) can affect the outcome of the case. Your lawyer will tell you that car insurance plays a role in almost every personal injury accident involving motor vehicles. He or she knows that both you and the other driver will be exchanging insurance and contact information. Most personal injury claims of this type (95%) are resolved out of court. Given this reality, it makes sense that car insurance will affect the outcome of the personal injury claim (or case) to a certain degree.

Is your personal injury covered by insurance?

While this may seem like a silly question to be asking, it is really not. Your personal injury lawyer in Airdrie will tell you that many drivers are either uninsured or underinsured. This may be the case with the driver who hit you. Note that you can still get a settlement even in these instances. It’s just that the settlement will come from your own insurance company.

The amount of coverage involved will affect the claim

If you only suffer from a sprained ankle and a fender bender, your personal injury lawyer will tell you that your settlement will not be very much. The reason why is because the insurance adjuster knows that neither the judge nor a jury would award you a high settlement if your case were to go to court. Unfortunately, the same is true if you suffer from a major whiplash injury that has caused at least a million dollars ih bodily injury but the defendant’s policy limit is $50,000. In this instance, the highest settlement amount you could receive is $50,000 because the settlement amount can’t be greater than the defendant’s policy limits.

You may need to sue the insurance adjuster if you have sustained substantial property damage and bodily injuries but know that the insurance adjuster is only going to be giving you a paltry settlement even though he or she has access to more funds. A lawsuit may be the only way that you will get the settlement amount that you want, need, and deserve!

What if you have to go to your own claims department?

Your personal injury lawyer will tell you not to laugh because this has indeed happened before. You’ll be resorting to this option if the defendant is either underinsured or uninsured. You’ll be filing the claim under your own insurance department and you’ll be dealing with a claim’s adjuster and not an insurance adjuster.

Your lawyer will tell you that insurance can indeed make the difference in determining the amount of settlement you’ll get after your personal injury accident.