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You’re A Pedestrian Who Has Been Hit By A Car. What Now?

It’s more common than one would think to have a pedestrian hit by a car. And when this happens, the consequences for the pedestrian can seriously impact their quality of life. Those who are hit by cars often sustain significant injuries, which is not surprising considering the size difference between a person and a vehicle. When a pedestrian gets hit by a car, it can impact many aspects of their life such as expensive medical bills, significant pain and suffering and missed work. All these results can be costly which often makes it necessary for the pedestrian to file a lawsuit, just to pay off medical bills and live somewhat comfortably with their new challenges.

If you would like to know what happens in a pedestrian and vehicle settlement, please read below. This will give an idea of what you can do if you were the one who was hit by a vehicle, or if you inadvertently hit a pedestrian with your vehicle.

It’s a good idea to prepare yourself for a variety of scenarios that could occur in your life. Being hit by a vehicle is, unfortunately, one of those things that can happen in life, especially if you do a lot of walking.If you’ve been hit by a vehicle, it’s important to take immediate action. This is true whether you’re still able to get up and walk around yourself, or if you’ve been so seriously injured that you’ve been sent to the hospital. If you’re well enough, call the police. The police will make a report describing the incident and the circumstances of the accident. Having this formal record will be useful if you choose to file a lawsuit in the future.

The next step is to get medical attention. Even if you feel fine, are able to get up and walk around after being hit by a vehicle, be aware that adrenal in will keep you feeling reasonably well for a while. It’s still possible that you’ve been injured or so badly bruised that your muscles are so sore that you’re unable to return to work.

Make sure you keep track of your medical expenses and keep receipts. Log the times you went into the hospital and which doctors you saw. The doctors will have a record as well, but it’s still a good idea to keep your own records, if you’re physically and mentally able to do so.At the time of the accident, and if you’re able to do so, get the driver’s contact information and the contact information of any witnesses. If you’re unable to do that, the police will likely gather that information when they come to make a report, if they’re able to come close to immediately after the accident. Let your personal injury lawyer in Okotoks can help you at all steps of the process.

Compensation for being hit by a car

You may qualify for compensation if you’ve been hit by a vehicle while walking. There is no guarantee and the amount of compensation will depend how serious your injuries are and how much of an impact those injuries will have on your daily life and your ability to work in the future.