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EBAB Personal Injury Lawyers - Okotoks

At EBAB Personal Injury Lawyer, we are dedicated to the rights of the victim. Three decades of representing our clients’ needs in Okotoks shows in the outcome of our settlements and the amount of money we have been able to collect in compensation for our clients. We believe that victims of injuries due to negligence and accidents should be given the utmost attention. Insurance companies and large corporations have whole teams of lawyers representing their interests. At EBAB Personal Injury Lawyer, we are in the corner of the victim where we have been for over thirty years.

At EBAB Personal Injury Lawyer, we are committed to your rights as the victim of:

  Motor vehicle accidents
  Motorcycle accidents
  Public transit accidents
  Slip and fall accidents

  Pedestrian accidents
  Product liability
  Orthopaedic injury

  Dog bites
  Traumatic brain injury
  Spinal cord injury

Injuries due to accidents can result in pain, long term health implications, mental trauma and, in some cases, fatality. The responsibilities of an accident victim can go on for years and be destructive to the financial and emotional health and welfare of the victim and well as their family.


We understand the financial and physical difficulties that a victim will endure after an accident. That is why we believe that the professional advice of a personal injury lawyer after an accident is one of the most important decisions a victim can make. Often, we see that an insurance settlement is not sufficient to deal with the long term health and financial responsibilities after an injury. While our clients are dealing with the day to day problems encountered after an injury, we are committed to working on their behalf when they are unable to.

When we have been retained by a client, we are dedicated to the rights of that client and will work on their behalf diligently. Our duties as legal representatives are:

  To collect medical reports and records and financial loss documentation
  See to the medical, emotional, and financial needs of the client
  Negotiate compensation based on damages, expenses, and wage loss
  Assess the future needs that may be required
  File a lawsuit in the case where an appropriate settlement and compensation cannot be reached
  Go to court on behalf of our client to fight for appropriate compensation

From the Time You Call, We Are in Your Corner

When you retain the services of EBAB Personal Injury Lawyer, you have experienced professional support from the time you call us until the time that your case is complete. Not only do you get our extensive legal support, but you get the availability of our network of medical professionals and experts in order to get the most comprehensive healing modalities, opinions, and insights available in order for you to recover. You can rely on getting the most individual attention possible after an accident. When you contact EBAB Personal Injury Lawyer, our dedicated team of lawyers are committed to protect your rights. Our clients in Okotoks have trusted in us for over thirty years.

We Will Come to You

If you are unable to meet at our offices, we offer hospital and home visits as a courtesy to our clients. We understand that your mobility may be restricted or you may be hospitalized after an accident so we will come to you. Getting timely legal advice is important as soon as possible after an accident. We work on a contingency fee basis so you will never pay unless we have recovered compensation on your behalf. If you or a family member have been injured in an accident, call us today for a no cost consultation. We can help.

EBAB Personal Injury Lawyer

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